Here and now, charging the future

Here and now, charging the future

The North American Lithium (NAL) Complex, located in La Corne in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, is restarting successfully.

With a mine and processing plant, the site became the leading producer of lithium spodumene in North America in the first quarter of 2023, contributing to Quebec’s battery ecosystem.

The NAL Complex team is engaged and motivated to continue writing many small chapters in one major success story.

Here and now, safely

Occupational health and safety (OHS) was a top priority during the preparations to restart operations at the NAL Complex and still is today. The team is extremely vigilant and proactive in this area. Training has been and is being provided to teach employees best practices and keep them safe in the workplace.

This success stems from the team’s dedication to one of Sayona’s core values: protecting the safety and well-being of all employees.

Here and now, together

This project could not be such a success without the incredible cohesion and team spirit in the complex. All of our employees have shown exemplary commitment and reliability, and they consistently put the team’s success first.

There are currently 120 employees working on the site, more than a hundred of whom were recruited in 2022. Their daily hard work and motivation are what finally allowed processing operations to start in late February.

This amazing team was able to put everything in place to make sure this ambitious project succeeds.

Here and now, transforming the future

The processing plant—Sayona’s only processing site and the leading functional processing plant in North America—is the heart of the complex’s operations. Its commissioning required major upgrades, as well as the addition of several new technologies and pieces of equipment to optimize the plant’s operations.

The restart of the NAL Complex processing plant is the first step in Sayona’s contribution to Quebec’s energy transition.

Here and now, one ton at a time

Starting lithium spodumene production requires patience and plenty of hard work. The first tons of lithium left the plant in early March. A few days later, the complex succeeded in producing some 1,200 tons of saleable lithium concentrate, including SC6 (6% lithium content).

Here and now, one ton at a time, each ton of lithium produced at the NAL Complex is another success for the team involved in this ambitious project.

Here and now, protecting our environment

Sayona is committed to sustainable development and respect for its host communities.

The complex was restarted with the utmost care, backed by stringent measures to minimize the environmental impact. Furthermore, Sayona has made sure that the communities have been kept informed and have ways to contact the company if needed.

We are upholding our commitment to sustainable development and we will continue to work closely with local communities to ensure the project fits with the community and respects the environment.

In conclusion, the restart of the North American Lithium Complex is a major milestone not just in Quebec’s history, but in the history of North America as a whole. It is proof of the company’s commitment to occupational health and safety, sustainable development, and the host communities.

The complex was able to successfully begin producing lithium thanks to employees’ incredible teamwork. Sayona is a major player in the Quebec battery ecosystem that intends to continue innovating and improving its practices to serve the global market while staying true to its core values.
The North American Lithium Complex, to power a responsible, sustainable future!


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